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Tips on Getting Thicker Hair Everyone loves thick, lustrous hair. It is an essential part of the personality. The way you do your it can severely change the way you think about yourself and others ' perception of you. With the changes in the lifestyle today, hair loss has become a part of everyone 's life. Tips on Hair Care Tips on Hair Care Tips on Hair Care: Getting Thicker Hair Unhealthy diet, increased levels of pollution, and higher stress are all the leading cause of hair loss. Along with these, we make ourselves go through a number of chemical treatments and styling that further deteriorate the quality. Nevertheless, being a little extra careful about will not cost you much. You do not have to splurge on chemical products every day, here are a few tips that can easily help to look beautiful forever-…show more content…
Choose your oils carefully. Different oils work differently on the hair. Where some improve the texture, the others promote growth. Use the fingertips while massaging the scalp. Avoid using the nails. Be gentle with the scalp, excessive rubbing will lead todamage. Coconut, mustard, almond - all are good options when it comes to massaging the scalp. Almond contains high level of vitamin E. Once you are done with massaging the scalp wet a towel with warm water and wrap your hair in the towel. This steaming process for the hair will improve the absorption of oil. Argan: This miraculous substance is your perfect solution. It may be slightly heavy on your pocket but would leave you satisfied with the results. It hydrates your scalp in the most natural way. The argan also helps smoothen frizzy, coarse, curly, rough hair. It enhances the elasticity and its anti-oxidants strengthen the weakened roots. Argan is loaded with many vitamins to promote growth; vitamin E being one of them. This is also chosen by many hair

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