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The Thillai Nataraja temple is an incredible place. Although the newer portion of the temple is known to be around a thousand years old, the older portion’s accurate age is still vastly unknown. Various estimates have been made regarding how old it actually is, one of them suggesting it to be around three thousand five hundred years old. The deity that actually presides in the Thillai Nataraja temple is Nataraja that is the lord shiva, as the lord of dance. Sivakami amman, is the consort goddess in this temple. She symbolizes motherhood and female energy. Being one of the most popular and prominent forms of lord shiva, Nataraja originated in southern India. It represents the buoyancy of creation. After a period of eternal stillness, the dance of creation was self created.
Thillai Nataraja temple is a Hindu temple, built in dedication to the destroyer of evil, the lord shiva. It is situated in Tamil nadu, in the town of Chidambaram. Thillai Nataraja temple is prominently knows for beautiful
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These are being housed on raised platforms in the inner most sanctum or the hall of consciousness. The beautiful and lofty towers, or the gopurams, are one of the highlights of the Thillai Nataraja temple. These are huge structures and represent various elements from the Hindu mythology. The dance of lord shiva, which is cosmic in nature, symbolizes the movements of the universe. The lovely hymns sung by Gnanasambandar, Tirunavukkarasar and Sundarar are exclusively found in the Thillai Nataraja temple only. By some historical texts the Thillai Nataraja temple is known to be lord Shiva’s three most significant shrines in India. It is highly glorified and was also visited by patanjali. A very rare and unique worshipping protocol is still followed through, involving six pooja services, in the Thillai Nataraja temple even today, which was originally prescribed by

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