Thin Models Persuasive Essay

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Thesis: The fashion industry should adopt limits on how thin models can be because thinness can provoke to deadly consequences.
I. The fashion industry should adopt limits on how thin models can be specifically because they are putting themselves in danger by being underweight.
A. The fashion industry every so often turn a blind eye towards the eating disorders that affect fashion models.
1. Instead of agency’s watching out for the model’s health, they encourage them to eat less and starve therefore, as a result they culminate in being hospitalized for being to ill.
2. A fashion model had reported, she was so thin that her finger and lips were blue for the reason that her heart was struggling to pump blood around her body.
B. Weight limit
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There’s often a lack of confidence behind the glamorous faces and bodies.
1. When a fashion model gets beat down by critics, exclaiming that “they’re too fat,” or “they’re not the perfect fit for the job”, it creates the models to think that committing suicide will be the answer to all their problems.
2. A study by beauty brand Dove has found that images of models that have been digitally altered are causing woman to suffer from low confidence about themselves.
B. Depression is a tough disorder that many fashion models suffer from.
1. If a model is a pant size too large or do not complete the fit, depression can take over causing some to end their life.
2. Depression occurs most often if a model is cut from a photo shoot or replaced with someone else for a fashion show.
C. Models can often can sidetracked of what they’re doing, fall into a hole, and find it hard for them to dig their way out of it.
1. Janice Dickinson, the world’s first supermodel stated that every photoshoot and party had plenty of cocaine and alcohol, which she now suffers from a drug and alcohol addiction problem.
2. From taking pills, snorting cocaine, and using drug injections, a number of fashion models will do just about anything to lose any excessive
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