Things Can Change The United States Essay

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Things can change, as you can see change is not bad. Each time a new president for the united states is elected the usa does go through a dramatic change and can turn into good or bad. You can become someone better or worse. depending on you and your personal experiences. You can change your life into a billionaire if you win the lotto see there is another good change in yourself. There is also when you go to the gym and lose weight that's a good change also. It is helpful to change things if you don't like them. I myself have changed a lot over the years. I got taller i understand life more, and see from other peoples point of view in life. I've made these changed myself or rather i adapted to them. I live daily and i'm used to see these problems, because they probably happened to me or someone one i know. I've got 3 strong supportive reasons why changed is not bad and for people to stop judging about it so much..…show more content…
The social media is going crazy everyone is using it, but there's good and bad about that. One the stock market goes up and like i said earlier in the first paragraph. My first reason is every new president we have gotten has changed the united states society. Like back then society was divided by race and colors. Now its more freedom and joy. Although there are some racial issues going around the United States. We have all changed the society and it is fine with the changes it has now. Everyone is doing much better than the old times with racial division. Some people might be against society now but some might not be right now. We have pros and cons, It will take a debate. Although you cant change the whole society as one. You might only be able to change some things here and there. I like the way things are right now, but it could be
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