Things Fall Apart Character Analysis

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Things Fall Apart by the late Nigerian Author, Chinua Achebe is one of the most celebrated books in Africa. Having been translated to 50 different languages and sold over ten million copies, Chinua Achebe is said to be one of the most successful African writers till today. However, he continually tells us that he is not a writer, he is a storyteller and he loves what he does because he has tried to create a voice for Africa. Set in a small fictional village called ‘Umuofia’, this novel, Things Fall Apart, tells the tragic story of a great village that was once united through the life and times of the protagonist, Okonkwo, one of the greatest warriors in his time. However, this novel not only tells the story of the tragic protagonist, Okonkwo, it also tells the story of some other minor characters who help and contribute to Okonkwo’s growth throughout the novel. After studying this novel critically and doing much research, I discovered that the women, though minor characters, played invaluable roles that have helped to embellish the entire narrative. Achebe has created these characters to reflect the prevailing social and cultural prescriptions that define women in the Igbo society. It is against this background that this essay seeks to answer the research question; how does Achebe construct the female characters in his novel, Things Fall Apart? This question focuses on the author’s use of literary devices to bring life into the female characters and making them, perhaps
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