Things Fall Apart Conflict Essay

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Every man responds to conflict in a different way. There are many types of conflict; both internal and external. The most common type of conflict is man against man. The way you respond to this type of conflict will determine how you respond to all the other types of conflict. If you are a man with good self discipline, you will respond to conflict with a cool head and will try to figure it out. If you are a man with a short temper, you will most likely raise your voice and demand you do it your way.
In the book Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe creates a character named Okonkwo. Okonkwo is a man with a short temper and responds to conflict with others or himself by beating his wives and children. One day, one of Okonkwo’s wives had cut off a limb to a banana tree. Instead of trying to figure out why she did so or trying to teach her not to do so, he brought his gun in the obi and shot at her. This is a prime example of a man that does not know how to respond to man vs. man conflict.
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One day he was trying to change his oil in his truck. He had done everything right except when he was trying to put new oil in, he did not close the drain plug and all the oil went straight through the tank and into the floor. Instead of doing what I might do he cleaned his mess, closed the drain plug, and got more oil to put in. The way he responded to this problem was the way everyone should: with a cool head.
These are examples of how not to respond to conflict and how to respond to conflict. Okonkwo did not do the right thing and could have caused the death of his own wife. My brother did the right thing and saved a ton of trouble by cleaning his mess and doing it again correctly. My call to you is do what you can without causing more trouble by keeping a cool head and finding a common
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