Things Fall Apart Nwoye Essay

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In Chinua Achebe novel, Things Fall Apart Nwoye a young man under Okonkwo’s responsibility is affected positively by the introduction of western ideas into the Ibo culture. This being said Nwoye has found a passion for being apart of a religion not known by any local in Igbo called Christianity, to some it was a blessing and to others a disgrace. To Okonkwo he feels that anybody who converts to Christianity is a disgrace to their village. And how surprising is it that his own son converts to a Christian. And in his conversion he tries to escape his strict culture and find out who he is as a person. Nwoye as young man suffered under his father 's high standards and chooses to branch away from the Igbo cultures religion and go rogue as christian to seek who he really is. All throughout Nwoye 's childhood he was looked as the lazy one and was looked down upon by his own father and the community. Nwoye…show more content…
The next point in which Nwoye seeks for a new him in his christianity life where Okonkwo almost loses it with him. But because of Okonkwo’s authority it’s extremely hard for him to direct his own son in the right direction away from the disgraceful religion. At first when the missionaries migrate to Mbanta Nwoye almost has to join this new religion because his faith has been weeknd. Long after Ikemefuna 's death as Nwoye tries to cope about his death. But he realizes Okonkwo his dad betrayed him by killing his adopted brother. And Nwoye 's betrayal of his own father would be converting to be a christian and so he converts to get back at his father for his crime. Nwoye later finds such a joy and love for being a Christian. One reason being the influential wonderful Hymns about, “Darkness and fear, ignorant of the love of God,” they brings grace to Nwoye. (TFA pg 154) Nwoye can relate to these teachings that he learns about in church because of his past expirenienses with losing a best friend and being in a dark place and then finding the light with this peaceful
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