Things Fall Apart Figurative Language

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Chapter 10:

In chapter 10 of Things Fall Apart, the author had purpose in all text. The text supported the author’s purpose of being a female is difficult. Females had to deal with having their thoughts or opinions not important. “There were many women, but they looked on from the fringe like outsiders” (Achebe 87). In this quote, there is a simile to compare the women to outsiders. It is difficult being a female because you want to be able to have your voice heard but in this tribe, the women’s opinions mean nothing to the men. With the men liking to show authority, it only comes back to show that they are cowards that are beating their wives. This chapter was a foreshadow to chapter 5 as they also had women beat, and abused if they did not cook or clean the house.

Chapter 11:

In chapter 11 of Things Fall Apart, the author used a lot of figurative language. At the start of chapter 11, Achebe uses a hyperbole to exaggerate a meaning. “One could not have known where one’s mouth was in the darkness of that night” (95). This quote shows the importance of the absolute darkness and how it exaggerates how someone won’t know where there mouth is because it is difficult to see in the dark. In the quote, “Her heart jumped painfully with her” (Achebe 100), this is a use of personification. It is showing the readers how Ekwefi
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“‘Never kill a man who says nothing. Those men of Abame were fools. What did they know about the man?’”(Achebe 140). This results to fear is destructive is because the result of this action results in the white man killing the Clan of Abame. This is destructive as you don’t want something to to control your life actions. “Those were good days when a man had friends in distant clans. Your generation does not know that. You stay home, afraid of your next-door neighbor”(Achebe 137). This is like the 21st century as we revolve around our phone. It is sort of like the clan because we also don 't
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