Things Fall Apart O-Lan Quotes

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to do that now because he has money. He can afford a beautiful wife who can bare him with more children if he pleases. However, the part that is so shocking is that O-lan has stuck by Wang Lung’s side throughout his ups and downs. But as soon as he is wealthy again she is not good enough for him, he could have bound her feet an bought her oil for her hair and small things that could make her more beautiful but instead he found another women that was more beautiful. Then he yelled at her as if it was her fault that she wasn 't beautiful like the rest of the wealthy men’s wives. She thought that he mad at her for not giving birth to more children, even though that wasn’t what he was mad about it still made her feel bad. She couldn’t buy anything to make her give birth, however, he could get something to bear more children, another women. 7. “It is useless for you to beat the lad as you do. I have seen this thing come upon the young lords in the courts of the great house, and it came on them melancholy, and when it came the old lord found slaves for them if they had not found any for themselves and the thing passed easily… I will betroth him and we will marry him early, and there is that to be done.” Chapter 22 pg. 219…show more content…
Therefore he beat him up until his mom jumped in his place and got beat up instead, she would do anything for her children. This quote is relevant to the novel because in the beginning of the book O-lan was working for The Great House of Hwang, however, she never talked about it unless it was for her children’s sake. Wang Lung was surprised to hear that then reason that his son was misbehaving was because of women. O-lan suggested getting him a slave, however, his father would not allow that. He decided he was proud his son was a young lord. Therefore he decided to marry his child at a younger
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