Things Fall Apart Summary

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Jackson Murray
February 4, 2018

Things Fall Apart
Chinua Achebe

Summary Okonkwo is highly respected in his village, but what makes him want to succeed is his heavy disdain for his father that left in his early years and left some unsettled business. When a female is killed that was apart of Okonkwo village the price paid is the son of the killer must live in his village. As the two get close a decision is made for the boy to die and Okonkwo pride gets in the way and he kills him and one the elders sons on accident sending him to exile. While away the white missionaries come to the village and try to convert villagers. Okonkwo hated this and called for rebelling, but when the villagers don 't join him and are accepting to the white people/ christianity and their ways he hangs himself.

Historical/ Cultural Context Published in 1959, Things Fall Apart shows the true story and lives of nigerian people before they gained independence, following their own traditions, beliefs, currency and languages between their own people. Since The book came out before Nigeria gained independence, it set the tone for the setting and time for the book and also some actions done in the book were natural or normal in that day and age but are not acceptable today. display Group Name=Reference
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