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The Igbo people of Nigeria believe that no consequence or calamity occurs unless the individual 's actions justify that event, referred to as "universal justice." While the Igbo culture has since been entwined with other cultures, Chinua Achebe preserves their unique culture in his book Things Fall Apart. In the final moments of the novel, readers see the protagonist Okonkwo, once a "Roaring Flame" and successful man, driven to suicide to escape the weakening of his tribe. While readers might take pity on Okonkwo, his life and suicide are simple consequences of his life as said by his own peoples ' idea of universal justice. Okonkwo 's life and eventual suicide occur as the results of universal justice, punishing him for his immense hatred of any cultural change and excessive violence. Okonkwo 's immense hatred of cultural change lead him to suicide as a result of the Igbo idea of universal justice. After his son Nwoye joined the Christians and left Okonkwo and his family, “A sudden fury rose within [Okonkwo] and he felt a strong desire to take up his…show more content…
The Igbo culture of universal justice can be seen in the life of Okonkwo due to his hatred of cultural change and his violent actions in Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart. Universal justice, while a part of Igbo culture, can also be seen in much of today 's culture. Referred to as karma, many people believe in the concept of a universal justice system, including Christians in the forms of the Holy Spirit and the acceptance into heaven dependent on how a person acted on Earth towards others. While universal justice may not even exist, accepting change and being kind and respectful to people creates in that individual a better person, which is something that the world could use more of. Without people like that the world suffers, bad events occur, and the people that are kind and respectful suffer when those around them treat them with harsh actions and indifference, just like Okonkwo in Chinua Achebe

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