Things Fall Apart Women

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In the text “Things Fall Apart” , the novel represents the Igbo culture from the Nigerian tribes written in the 1890’s. Chinua Achebe African author of the novel shows us the customs and beliefs within the villages from the Igbo people of Umuofia. Throughout the novel, women are marginalized as a social group contributing to the same inner conflict in physical and mental abuse from their husbands. Men of the Igbo tribe all represent a social group having the same character trait who they perceive as honorable. Children, women and men are all social groups that are marginalized. In “Things Fall Apart” women play an inferior role throughout the novel. Chinua Achebe clearly shows us how women are subjected in their villages. The Ibo women all go through the same daily struggles getting physically beaten by their husbands. They are treated as objects and seen only as good for taking care of kids and cooking. Although women are in a submissive state, they contribute to their clan the most, in their homes and as caretakers for the people of the village, but they don’t redeem the respect they deserve. Okonkwo 's youngest wife Ojiugo is one of the most vulnerable, in the middle of the novel Okonkwo beats Ojiugo for not cooking dinner during the week of peace. Okonkwo takes his anger on her for…show more content…
Children are also treated as objects without having a say in their future or life goals. Girls don 't have a say in their future or what they want in life , as their future would be the same when they grow older like the women be a wife to their husband out of more or being sold to other villages. Boys of Umuofia all have to have the same life goals as their father being a warrior and being honored within the village. In things fall apart, Okonkwo wants his son, Nwoye to be just like him but is disappointed in him because he sees that he resembles his father Unoka, in the aspect of being lazy and weak without having the care to be the manliest or the
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