The Importance Of Emotions In My Life

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Hi,my name stevi and i'm going to tell you the things i carry today. I've been through a lot throughout my life many up, but almost more downs. I've carried a lot of emotions with me with me ever since i was 15 and my dad died . the emotions that really stick out to me though are my fear,guilt , and ambition.

I feel fear a lot of the time because Turning 18 is really scary actually I mean all my life I just wanted to grow up and move out especially since my dad died and once it came down to it and my sister told me that I had to because her cousin wants to sell the house. It really hit me hard. Money is a huge stressor for me , I just want to be able to have enough money to pay for a roof over my head and a car. I just want to make it
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sometimes I feel like I let down my baby sisters because me and my step mom would fight so much that .2 yr just moved in with my dad but I didn't want to leave them and I feel like I failed them as a big sister and it's just stuff that I wish I could make up but I can't. I've loved a lot of people down with a lot of my actions during my high school year Make the smartest decisions at all I got in a quarter bit of trouble and I feel like I could have been better to my dad because me and my dad did fight quite a bit but I really seen him and just when he died it made me realize like while you really got to start taking other people's feelings into consideration and change me a lot I'm a very different person…show more content…
like I want to be a forensic psychologist take 12 years of college to be a it and just have my dream job and not have to worry about money and just fix the wrong I've done to people. I've always want really good grades I hated that I slacked off my first two years of high school because honestly it didn't help me at all but my junior and senior year I really started to buckle down and get serious because I don't want life to be hard for me I want I mean I know there's always going to be bumps in life but I least wanted to at least try to have a smooth journey. like pretty soon I'm going to get a car I'm going to get an apartment I might even go to Florida and go to the technical school down there and they have a huge forensic department I have a lot of goals in my life right now I just need to start taking action for them.

Like i said i have gone through alot in my life recently with more downs than ups, but no matter how hard it got i never wanted to give up. I may have a lot of fear, but i still always believe in myself What. My guilt kills me, but there are somethings that happened in the past can't be changed. I'm very ambitious girl even though it may not seem like i always try to see the good in the
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