Things Learned From Living In Thailand Essay

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Ten Things Learned from Living in Thailand
“Come with more money than you think you need and spend less than you think you should.
Scott Mallon, Writer and Photographer
Once we stop learning, we die. As long as humans remain curious and retain the desire to learn, they retain the will to live. One reason why I have always loved traveling and seeing the world is doing so provides you with insight and experience and the opportunity to learn about the world first hand. Below are ten of the many things I have learned so far from living in Thailand.
1. Count on your self - parents strive to make their children self-reliant. Seeing Thai people struggle in daily life opened my eyes. Providing food, clothing, and shelter and being capable of handle
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We need to respect our elders, if not for any other reason than they figured out how to survive longer than we have.
9. A smile goes a long way - it sounds so cliché but smiling costs nothing. Smiling also makes you feel better and lightens the mood, opening the door to conversation and friendship.
When I first came to Thailand, I was leery of others. I was ready to fight if I thought someone did something inappropriate. What I realized was this was my way of overcompensating for my fear of the unknown. Better to smile.
Smiling often diffuses tension and puts people at ease. Smiling and friendliness go a long way. 
10. We all want the same thing – people in Thailand and all over the world want the same thing; a roof over their head, enough food to eat, a decent education, a better life for their children, health and happiness.
While Thais and foreigners generally want the same things, it is how we go about getting what we want that makes us different. 
As I like to say, "Thais and Westerners are wired differently."
Of course, there are aspects of foreign cultures I dislike or disagree with, but as long as people are not harming others with their actions, how they live their lives is their
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