What Are The Things To Do In Agra Essay

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Things to do in Agra for Adults

Home to one of the seven wonders of the world- Tajmahal, Agra has a lot to offer to anyone who comes here for a nice time. The city is replete with numerous tombs and relics depicting the rich Mughal era when Muslim architecture had seen its prime. Among the prominent structures in the city (apart from Taj Mahal), the Agra fort is a renowned one. Kick start your Agra tour by a thorough visit to Taj Mahal, its crown jewel. Stop for a while relishing the breathtaking sight of this beautiful marble mausoleum and spend some time in the lush green parks surrounding it. Ensure to capture the moments through your camera lens while you are at it. After that, you can pay a visit to the Red Fort and admire this stunning
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While you may not be able to find an assortment of pubs here, the city gets its zest from the bustling restaurants and food joints, along with markets and parks that come alive at night with folks and explorers. For teenagers coming here will find their interests in the various places to eat in Agra. Yes, go for a fun Agra food tour, relish the taste of lip smacking Mughlai Cuisine in Esphanan and have some of those Agra pethas by the end of it. Apart from food, the city is rich in markets and local shopping destinations as well, giving you ample reasons to go for shopping in Agra. As for sightseeing, places like Taj Mahal, Mother Teresa 's Missionaries of Charity, and Balkeshwar Temple works the…show more content…
Apart from the common ones, there are various other things to do around Agra that are not only fun but enough for an exhilarating experience. Go for a bird watching session at National Chambal Sanctuary, visit the renowned structure of Fatehpur Sikri and get enchanted with its allure (the place is not far from Agra), chart out the various temples like Kailash Temple and Mankameshwar Temple, or gear up for a up and close interaction with wildlife at Wildlife SOS, there is absolutely no dearth of fun things to do in Agra India. If you are visiting in winter then you will find a lot of things to do in Agra in January, as it is season for festivals like Taj Mahotsav and such. Coming here this time will provide you with a lot of

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