Think Like A Cheese Chapter Summary

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Think Like a Freak “Like Giving Candy to a Baby” Jayla Helton ECON 202 Summary In this chapter, the main issue presented is what are incentives, and the good and bad to them. Bribing a child with candy, will work at the time, but may fail in the long run. There are several types of incentives out there, but the main ones include financial, social, legal, and moral. One example presented in this chapter was the price of certain foods have decreased, while some have increased. As the chapter continues, it discusses how people will not work without pay. The story pertaining to Brian Mullaney discusses what he does, and what his incentive was. From the United States to India, Mullaney realized how different things were…show more content…
The incentive to lose weight, has it stages in society today. Some want to lose it, but do not have the motivation to. While others are trying, and are pretty successful. Then there is a large part of the United States who are very much over weight. This idea was presented in the book about the prices of food decreasing and increasing. Financially, people would rather spend 1 dollar for a hamburger, rather than 3 dollars for a salad. People would rather eat fast food, than cook a healthy dinner. Our society is very lazy today. People would rather spend less money for the more fatty food, rather than more for a healthy food. It is shown through our society, too many people relay on others to make there food, rather than them. They have no incentive to lose weight, or be healthy, or spend more money for healthy things. The story pertaining to Mullaney, discusses how his incentive was to help everyone out. He realized how life changing a surgery on something so small can be for someone, and he was willing to make people happy. He also realized donating to charities, they realize they have to continue to donate or they feel bad. This relates to today in general. A small amount of people have the incentive to help people out, nor do they want to donate to charities they do not care about. While there are still people that have the incentive to do all of this, it is much lower today. People today are very
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