Think Of Two Different Writing Situations You Have Found Your-Self In

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1. What is academic writing? 1. How did what you wrote in high school compare to what you have/will do in your academic writing in college? When I was in the high school, I used to write a lot of essays, short research papers and presentation in three different languages. However, I was excellent just in Russian essays, while my English level was not so good. I had much more grammatical and punctuation mistakes. Also, one of my biggest problem was word order in sentences. Moreover, in my school English teachers did not require using of a proper academic writing. That is why now I still have some difficulties in writing. I am going to improve my knowledge in writing, because it is one of the most important part of college education. First of all, I want to concentrate on my problems with grammar, and then focus on word order in sentences. 2.…show more content…
Think of two different writing situations you have found your-self in. What did you need to do the same in those two situations to place your writing appropriately? What did you need to do differently? The first situation is “who is your audience?”. It is very important to know who will read your essay, paper or another writing assignments. Because you have to know what kind of vocabulary you can use, and how use it. Another situation is “what is the occasion or context?”. I have to know what I am going to write about. I have to be sure that essay will include only useful and interesting information, which has to be related with a topic. I have to keep in mind that for both of these situations I need to be coherent and professional. 3. Think of a writing assignment that you will need to complete this semester. Who’s your audience? What’s the occasion or context? What’s your message? What’s your purpose? What documents/genres are used? How does all that compare to the writing you are doing in the
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