Think Or Sink Movie Analysis

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The movie “Think or Sink” is a movie which depicts how a team or group could be led towards successful decision making. It shows how a manager makes a mess of a product re-launch, and how he learns from the various contributions from everyone. He learns to create competition between ideas and not people and encourage people to voice their opinions. The video teaches us the effective tenets for positive decision making especially in organizations, and the negative effect of dominant leadership.
Human beings are unique in their own special way. This is one of the reasons why the study of the concept concerning the Belbin Teamwork System is important. It helps us to discover the behavioral strengths and weaknesses of the
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First of all in making a decision in a team, you should know the individuals in the teams and the various cultures which are represented in your team. By doing this, we would get to know each individual better and the strengths and weaknesses of each person. By studying the culture of the persons in the team, there is likely to be greater cohesion and much more productivity since the entire team understands and appreciates what cultural diversity is about. The manager also had very bad listening skills and this put his workers off. To prevent this, as a manager I would try and create a social and cordial relationship with my workers in order to get the required creative ideas from them. To make a good decision, one should ask himself three questions; “how will the decision make things better?”, “how will the decision affect employees?” and “how will this decision affect me?” There is one aspect of personality people who take decisions should possess and that should be compassion. (Baldoni, 2009). Nevertheless it should not be mistaken for passion. Personalization causes a loss of focus because the executive puts what he wants to do ahead of what the company should do. (Baldoni,
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