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1a) One time, while I was in class, I remember I was paying attention to the teacher and the next moment I was shaking because of how cold the class was. I had a hard time focusing because an environmental barrier was interfering with my ability to listen to the teacher. The other time, I was in a party with loud music making it difficult for me to hear my cousin. The environmental barrier was hard to ignore as it was unavoidable. Another example would be when I was in school, I was walking to the buses as I was talking to my friend. Then I started to panic because I could not find my bus so I ignored my friend and focused on finding my bus. This situation would be an example of a psychological barrier. 1b) If it is an environmental barrier you could move locations to a more quiet place, move seats if yours is uncomfortable and eliminate noise distractions such as your phone. However, if it is a psychological, you could focus on one thing at a time, listen to other’s ideas,…show more content…
Think Again.” I learned that we can’t actually multitask but our brain is able to change from one task to another rapidly. The executive system is the part of our brain that does the switching in our head. It is also responsible for helping us ignore distractions in our environment. The development of our frontal lobes, where the executive system is located, is a great factor in humans being dominant on the planet.Whenever I’m studying, I do lots of things at a time such as: listening to music, texting my friends, and trying to remember what I just studied.I shoul consider to spend an hour to two hours studying, 30 minutes talking with my friends and 30 minutes listening to music last. I learned that multitasking is impossible. Trying to multitask affected my studying time because I would focus on my friends and on the music and vice versa. I learned that it is important to prioritize, if not you will end up having lots of tasks to complete leading to

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