Thinking In Pictures Chapter Summaries

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Thinking in Pictures: My Life with Autism The main overarching theme of TIP is a quite literal one, with the title being a fair single sentence summary of the book. As the main author is autistic it is not surprising that Grandin is quite literal, however that does not mean that the book does not have any value. The first, chapter is also titled “Thinking in Pictures” where Grandin spends the first chapter taking about how her processing of information is not like normal people. Of course, Grandin herself did not know other people had the same problems she did in how she is a very visual thinker, being able to see complex buildings such as her cattle designs in her head. Grandin stated, “The more I learn, the more I realize more and more that how I think and feel is different. (pg. 32)” This quote shows how Grandin grew and could become more self-aware. This evidenced by the stating the differences between the different types of autism and research behind it. The second chapter, “The Great Continuum”, goes over the diagnosis of autism and how there is a great variety of how autism effects children and adults differently. Grandin go over in detail about how autism, Asperger’s, disintegrative disorder, pervasive mental disorder all have their own differences that require a…show more content…
The main points of the chapter are that all autistic individuals are going to need some guidance. Grandin had help from people like Mr. Carlock, a high school teacher who helped set Grandin on a successful path. “Teachers need to help autistic children develop their talents (pg. 105).” Grandin firmly believes and as evidenced by her that all autistic individuals have some capability and some are even more capable than others, however unlike normal people they cannot just be thrown out into the world and need some additional
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