Thinking In Public Education

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Public education is based on a foundational belief of our country that all have the right to an education. Making an education available to all of our citizens has been a great investment and we have reaped the benefits. However, when this system was developed it was done to meet the needs of the country at that time. Times have changed and the education system needs to change as well. As an educational leader, you will have the opportunity to affect this change within your own buildings and district through the use of strategic thinking, planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Strategic thinking is an open minded, creative thinking process that allows one, or a group, to consider all options and be creative in determining options for moving an organization forward. This is work that is part of any leader’s role. This creative thinking can be done as an individual, however as any good leader knows, it takes creative thinking from those in an organization who can influence and lead change, to create the future desired. Strategic thinking can be applied to the needs of the entire system and how the parts of the system work together, as well as to the individual parts of a system. Strategic
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The focus of strategic thinking for an educational organization will be on improvement and helps build the vision the districts or department has for its future. It is important to keep in mind that if you are leading a department and
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