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The Third Crusade and the tale of how three Kings set about to reclaim the city of Jerusalem from the Islamic forces of Saladin.


I would like to understand the reasons for the Crusade.
I would like to get a better understanding of the Islamic faith and Catholic faith pitted against one another.
I would like to learn if the tensions are warranted or just needless violence in the name of religion.
I would like to learn why there were so many of these Crusades and if they were necessary.
I will read my book and research online to get the information I need.
I have every intention to improve my skills as a historian when going about this research topic.


During the research topic I learned the ability to demonstrate an understanding of how and why historians
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They turned to him for a holy war against the Christians and knew that as an extremely devout Muslim he would accommodate their desires and despite this he was still of a kindred heart. He brought about the Third Crusade by capturing the Holy City of Jerusalem in the year 1187.

Saladin utilised his influence as a Sultan and united the Muslims of Syria to march against the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. His force was met with an opposing Christian army in what is known as the Battle of Hattin and the conflicting forces battled it out by the Sea of Galilee with the Muslims eventually emerging victorious due to the routing of the Christian army and consecutive capture of their king - Guy of Lusignan. Saladin wasted no time in his advance, and was welcomed into the Christian cities of Syria now that the opposing force had been destroyed. He gained access to Jerusalem three months after the crushing victory at the Battle of Hattin and thus goes what remained of the Crusader’s bounty in the Second Crusade in the

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