Third Grade Classroom Observation

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Classroom Observation: Dominic was observed during the morning in his third grade class. At the start of the observation, a selected group of students, including Dominic, were instructed to sit on a rug for an activity. Dominic sat on the rug for a couple of seconds before he got up and went to his desk to look for an item. Dominic could not find the item at his desk, so he headed to a shelf and grabbed a paper. He then headed back to the rug and took a seat. During the activity, Dominic appeared to listen to the teaching assistant as she reviewed letter sounds. Furthermore, Dominic had his fingers in his mouth, biting his nails during the activity. After the activity, Dominic headed back to his desk as instructed by the teaching assistant. The class was instructed to start a “spelling sort” activity. During the activity, he cut out and glued printed words from a worksheet onto his notebook. Occasionally, Dominic talked with a peer seated next to him. Once Dominic finished the activity, he placed his notebook into his desk. He briefly looked around the room before his general education teacher, Mrs. Hippchen, asked “OK Dominic, what do we do now?” He then pulled out a book from his desk and began reading. The class then transitioned to a math lesson. Worksheets were handed to the class with the instruction to…show more content…
The work he produces in therapy has improved significantly, as he is able to produce legible handwriting in and outside the classroom. Dominic’s occupational therapist will be discharging him from occupational therapy, as well as declassifying him. His general education teacher reports that he is meeting grade level expectations in most academic areas. Furthermore, he interacts appropriately with his teachers and classmates. Overall, Dominic is a student who is functioning well academically and socially. As a result of the information gathered, the following recommendations can be

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