Third Level Experience Questions

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First Level Experience Questions

What was your project?

I was an usher for the winter choral concert at the Bishop 's School. I and the other ushers got there an hour early and helped out. We counted the chairs in the theater and then took tickets from and handed out programs to the audience as they came through the lobby doors. We then watched the first half of the show. During intermission we conversed iwth the audience and helped them get back to their seats for the second half of the performance. After, we helped with some clean up.

Have you done something like this before?

I have been in many performances before, but I have never ushered. At first, I was aprehesnive about ushering. I can be nervous around people and ushering requires
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Third Level Experience Questions

What are the community values involved?

I think the main community value involved in ushering is helping out other community members when they need it. I know that when I was in the ninth and tenth grade play I hoped that other students would sign up to usher and help out our production. I think that in order to have a happy and harmonious community we need to help and support eachother. We all work so hard to create art, or achieve excellence in sports and academics that the least we could do for our community members is help to facilitate this work. Ushering is just one of the many ways that we can help out our other community members.

How can you keep this experience alive?

I can keep this experience alive by ushering for other perofrmances and continuing to support the performing arts program. I hope that I can usher for other performances during my time at The Bishop 's School. However, even when I don 't usher I can continue to keep this experience alive by seeing performances put on at school. A big part of this experience for me was the fact that this supported the performing arts program, so by seeing performances or being in them I can continue to support the arts program and keep this experience
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