An Unforgettable Incident In High School

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Beep! Beep! Beep! the alarm clock rang.Dustin slammed the clock vigorously to turn it off.But he soon remembered that it was his first day as the owner of his 3rd Siberian Nuclear Extraction Plant. He got up Ready to eat breakfast and then got on his way. he saw a big dark cloud about a mile out.When he got there the building was about 2 football fields long and wide colored black with 2 green stripes. As he entered there was 2 men in black suits waiting for him and the manager wuan right behind him.He then got shown around the plant.Dustin said after the tour was over that he wants to stick around to monitor and see some of the things that were there.After about an hour the winds picked up and the rain got harder.Dustin looked out the window…show more content…
He tried to pull the switches up and down and start to connect the wires but he put the wrong wires together and then a he got an electrical shock and fell backwards going thru the open side of the chamber.When the manager came to tell him that it was not so safe here and he should leave but then he found him screaming in the chamber.He rushed to get a rope but dustin started to sink to bottom.The radioactive material started to get in his skin and he started to see dark red come to the top with pieces of his skin coming to the top also. He called 911 and the radioactive waste experts to come and try to help. When they came they drained to radioactive material and started to pull him out.The radioactive experts put on their suits and started to pick him up. Green started to ooze out of his body with pus and blood dripping out.They wrapped him up in a taco shaped plastic bag to hold him so no more skin will not fall off.They put him in the stretcher and loaded him on to the ambulance. When they got to the hospital everyone was staring in shock and Soon the news reporters started to come in to see the situation. WHen they got him to the operating room he started to have a seizure and after about a minute he had cardiac arrest and died.But thats what the machine
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