Third Wave Feminism Analysis

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Third Wave Feminism Essay Doralee is a secretary for her boss who is a man named Mr.Hart. Doralee is a full figured women who takes good care of herself and isn’t ashamed to show off her body type. She wears appropriate figure flattering clothing, and does her hair and make every day to look professional. She is a well put together women. Mr.Hart chose her based on her looks trying to get closer to her. Her looks attracted Mr.Hart from the start, and he tries to get her to have sexual encounters with Doralee by saying he is inlove with her. Doralee says no many times and even admits to having a husband but Mr.Hart doesn’t care because Doralee is just a women. Doralee is also judged by her co-workers because of the way she looks and how…show more content…
The changes the girls make increases business productivity by 20% in a few months. This gives them enough notice to allow the boss of the whole company to come to town and want to meet the man behind the plans changing his business for the better. Doralee and her co-workers make changes to the business like, allowing personal things on their desk making the atmosphere more friendly and the workers happier, giving the mothers a day-care for their children allowing them to work care-free, and part-time if they have other important things to do. They also increased female pay to be equal to a man’s. When the boss of the company came he enjoyed all the changes expect the change of equal pay. Unknowingly he gives Mr.Hart a promotion making him move to Brazil for two years, while the girls who weren’t worth equal pay as the men in the company were the real ones running the place. With Mr.Hart leave to Brazil the company stays in power by the Doralee and her co-workers, the changes put in place to make it a better place for women and people in general stay in place too. The women prove they can handle a man’s job, they can make decisions on their own, and they deserve equal pay. The women of this company prove they are responsible and can be trusted running the office. Though they worked very hard to get the company to where it was, time wasn’t ready for all the changes. Most stayed besides equal pay, eventually that would get changed to equal

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