Third World Feminism And Maquiladoras

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There are protests being conducted daily in the United States by people who desire an increase in minimum wage, but what about those from third world countries who receive less than a dollar an hour, this essay will discuss third world feminism and maquiladoras, whom manufacture a majority of our clothing in extremely cruel conditions that are unsuitable for any human being. Not to mention, the environment in which these people perform in is so atrocious that a pregnancy test is a prerequisite for women before being employed due to the elevated risk of a miscarriage. Though Americans seem to be oblivious to everything that goes into the production of our clothing or maybe we acknowledge the horrendous environmental working conditions, but choose…show more content…
Firstly, third world feminism is a term used to describe a form of feminism that involves immigrant women from third world areas which scrutinizes how U.S. women build against the conceived “other” women of the world. Regarding this type of feminism, it has a compelling critique of nationalism, national identity, as well as imperialism and colonialism. Above all, third world feminism evaluates capitalism as a means that empowers third world women in the U.S. and abroad, which seems to line up with imperialism as well as colonialism. Colonialism deals with violence, both physical as well as sexual, enacted by imperialism. Furthermore, extending the country’s power influencing colonization therefore utilizing military force and other means justified through racist concepts such as the idea that those who could best use the territory should possess it. For example, the U.S. invaded Afghanistan and Iraq to impose western notions, therefore seizing their land along with their resources. With this in mind, globalization is a key concept in apprehending third wave feminism, in which the economy moves beyond as well as across borders. Thus, leading to the interchange of world views, culture, concepts, and products, that is not to say this…show more content…
Within the documentary, numerous women discuss their work environment along with the side effects of the U.S. companies such as pollution, illnesses, and waste water, etc. In 1960, a treaty was constructed between the U.S. and Mexico to initiate a Maquilada industry where immigrants would work with imported materials which were to be assembled in the Maquiladoras. The final product was to be exported for consumer purchase in the U.S. as well as other countries. These companies found Mexico to be the ideal location in which to expand the manufacturing of their products since it assured them a tax break (more money for the bigots, sounds like a capitalism) and a surplus of cheap

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