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When considering the audience’s point of view, there is a particularly strong sense of political influence behind it. Given the previous relationship between Australia and England when this movie takes place, the audiences’ view of a British attempt to frame the Australian soldiers for executing Boer prisoners has a lot of merit to it. To begin, the viewer would draw a sort of prejudice or memory of how their country came to be. Whether Australian, American, or any of the other countries or part of a country with vast amounts of land not yet settled; the British Empire had made it their goal to set out and colonize as much of that land as they could. To achieve their goal, the British Empire did whatever was necessary to defeat those who were already inhabiting them.…show more content…
To quote History Channel’s This Day in History web page, regarding Australia’s purpose and the British attitude towards them, it states: “The accepted wisdom of the upper and ruling classes in 18th century England was that criminals were inherently defective. Thus, they could not be rehabilitated and simply required separation from the genetically pure and law-abiding citizens” ( Staff). This merely establishes, however, the general outlook the government had on their prisoners and how those attitudes shifted to the future generations of Australians to come, which is where the audiences ' focus lead to questioning how the British prejudices affected the outcome of the

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