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In the story, “What, of This Goldfish, would You Wish?” is about a man, Sergei Goralick, and his magical goldfish that granted him three wishes. Based on Sergei’s own speech, thoughts, and actions, readers can infer that deep down he is depressed and lonely. Sergei kept himself distant from everyone and was not very fond of strangers knocking on his door. One day a boy, Yonatan, showed up at Sergei’s front steps and insisted on asking questions for a movie he was filming, but Sergei was not appealed. As Yonatan still tried to question he was intrigued by Sergei’s magical goldfish, Sergei became overprotective and killed the boy. He was just intimidated and didn't want to lose the thing he valued most. The goldfish kept him company and he had…show more content…
In both stories, they included wish granting fish, an important moral that is learned, and both of the main characters feared something. In “What, of This Goldfish, would You Wish?” there was “a deep-sea goldfish” that was owned by Sergei, which was able to grant three wishes, and Sergei had used those wishes for unselfish reasons. The first wish was “...used up when they discovered a cancer in his sister.” The second wish “Sergei used up five years ago, on Sveta's boy...it wasn't for Sveta that he'd done it, that he'd wished his wish purely for the boy.” The final wish was then used to save the boy that he had killed on accident. His wishes were used for good purposes and did what was right, even if it cost him and even if he feared he was going to lose his magical goldfish. Unlike “What, of This Goldfish, would You Wish?”, in the story “The Fisherman and His Wife” the wishes from the “enchanted prince” flounder was used for greed and power. The fisherman did not need anything from the flounder, but his wife was incomparable. In the story, she demands her husband to go back to the flounder and wish for “a little cottage...a stone palace...to be king…to become emperor…to become pope…to become like God.” The fisherman feared his wife as she wanted more and in the end when it became too much, the flounder convert all that was done. She was left with what she started with, the moral was that greediness and the thirst for
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