Christian Iberia's This Happened In My Presence

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Religion has its pro and cons and it can and is debated or contested on both ends of the spectrum (good and bad). However, when looking into Christian Iberia and reading the chronicles in This Happened in My Presence, flags are raised, and signals are alarmed, motioning and giving insight to where religion, specifically Christianity, was taking Iberian society and culture. Of course, this is book is read in a high in sight perspective, so it is clearly noticeable how Christianity was used as a legal/justice system to enforce Christian ideals. It also, is obvious how ruling elite Christians used Christianity and Christian law to survey the population in which it controls, especially those regarded low in importance and most of all to oppose those deemed an abomination. This short essay will examine and discuss Christian interaction with non-Christians and the Christians who participated in enforcing Christian rules and order.
There are reoccurring acts, statements that lead to prevalent themes in the chronicles and documents a few that stand out is “without having been summoned”, “in order to unburden his/her conscience” and “was charged to keep it a secret and he/she
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This is seen even in the entries where one (an unburdening citizen), speaks of another Christian who is claimed to be a “good Christian” but did or said thing(s) that weren’t in accordance with “good Christian” behavior. There is a sense or idea that although one is a good Christian, one could/would be a better one for coming forth to tell/report on said Christian, for doing unchristian things, as if one is or becomes better than the other. This also includes the sense of superiority “good Christians”, feel and have when reporting on non-Christian, Moriscos or suspected
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