Keala Joan Settle's This Is Me

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Keala Joan Settle is an American singer, and actress, who was born in 1975. According to my research, she constantly bullied by other due to her body size ever since she was young. Adding to this traumatic experiences, she was being insulted by others and ended up doing some ridiculous things in order to harm herself. She didn’t know a place that she could possibly fit in as she was an interracial kid. Therefore, she turned to music and found out that music allows her to be herself as she sings from her heart and not anything else. She then decided to write this song in favor of sharing her experiences with the readers.(Nzherald.) In “This Is Me”, Keala Settle uses her own experience of bullying to raise awareness about being true to oneself. She communicates this using the three literary devices, metaphor, abstract imagery, and personification. Metaphor is used to help the writer relate to the way Keala conquer her fear.Keala utilizes abstract imagery as it simply draws in reader better because they are able to visualize the situations as ideas were given to…show more content…
The first two line of the third stanza indicates that Keala send her haters “flood” when they were trying to insult her. By “drowning” them, it allowed her to be oneself because there will be no one else to ask her to do what she doesn’t wish to. Referring to that, she had shaped into a better person with confidence that doesn’t live up to people’s requirements. Evidence can be found in line 15, “And I'm marching on to the beat I drum” (Settle, 15) This can be seen as Keala living the way she desires and following the footstep that she set. She also added that she is not afraid to how the society views her as she has confidence in herself. Through the use of metaphor, Keala was able to describe how she overcome with the hate she heard in order for her readers to mesmerize how she
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