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Introduction The American disaster comedy film, This Is the End is a valid portrayal of an environmental disaster. The plot of the movie surrounds a group of friends trying to cope with several natural disasters at once, before realizing an apocalypse of biblical proportions has erupted. I will be discussing how disaster themes, such as emergency mitigation, management, interaction and recovery, were portrayed in this film. Also, I will analyze how the portrayal of disaster in this film can influence public understanding. Conclusively, this depiction of an Apocalyptic comedy helps us cope with the thought of our world coming to an end. Synopsis of Film In this film real life actors play fictionalized versions of themselves, as they are encountered with the Biblical Apocalypse. The film takes place at James Franco’s housewarming party, with the main actors including Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, and Danny McBride. These celebrities survived catastrophic earthquakes, a black hole, fires, explosions, and riots, before barricading themselves in a house. The premise of the film take place in Franco’s house in Los Angeles, where the group of friends implement survival strategies, while waiting for help amongst the disaster. As the…show more content…
Depictions of the apocalypse are guaranteed to be a hit movie, as the stories force us to become heroic and imagine ourselves in that situation.6 The real-life apocalyptic imagery seen in this film: earthquakes, city in rubble, and intense weather conditions were overwhelming, but films such as this one help us cope with it. The core of the film is inspired from the biblical Book of Revelation, where Jesus Christ foretold signs of the end times. This film shatters the barriers between reality and fiction, when Jay is seen quoting from the Bible, as the group is being convinced it’s Biblical “Judgement Day” and not a “zombie

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