This Is What It Means To Say Phoenix Arizona Analysis

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The Struggles of Victor As a child, struggling to find the truth in a world of lies makes it hard to believe the teller. "This Is What It Means To Say Phoenix, Arizona" by Sherman Alexie is about a boy named Victor who figures out the truth. He lives on a small reservation where he cannot afford much. He finds out his friend Thomas' hidden life messages in what he believes are made up stories. He finds a true friend that sticks with him after Victor has done terrible things to Thomas. In the end, Thomas gets someone to listen to his stories. The use of Thomas' made up stories in "This is what it means to say Phoenix, Arizona" illustrates how Victor struggles to believe his friend through what he believes are lies, in the end he realizes Thomas' stories gives Victor valuable advice about life that he uses to forgive. In the beginning, Victor was struggling to get money to go see his dead…show more content…
He shows the laughs the two cousins shared, but also the snappy side where they argued in a joking matter. Sherman says this, "'You know,' Thomas said. 'It's strange how us Indians celebrate the Fourth of July. It ain't like it was our independence everybody was fighting for.' 'You think about things too much,' Victor said." (63). Victor and Thomas used to be super close. Victor makes the comment about Thomas thinking too much, because he is friends with him and friends are honest with each other. When others were to think about the Fourth of July they think about hanging with friends and watching fireworks. Thomas though, thought of a deeper meaning, because he thought of reality and how they should be hating the holiday. Victor on the other hand just wanted to have fun and not give a thought in the world. That is where the two characters contrast. Thomas wants to really analyze everything he encounters while Victor as a seven year old just wants to do the wildest things and make
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