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Joey Feek is dealing with a hard battle with cancer and is now on hospice. Today her husband Rory went to their blog This Life I Live and shared a big update on how Joey is doing and how much he wants his life to be remembered when she is gone. Rory was sitting there watching his wife sleep as he wrote up a new blog. He shared that next to Joey 's bed they have pictures in frames, books and things that were selected by Joey and her sisters.

Joey Feek recently had a walker brought to her home and Rory shared the story all about how this went down. Joey is still a happy person, even with what she is going through now.

She was up earlier. Her sister Jody helped give her the morphine injection that goes in her port and helped her to the bathroom and back. A walker with wheels and a seat was delivered here yesterday and when we pulled it out for her this morning, Joey just
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Tim Johnson "One More" from Hickory Films on Vimeo.

This song One More explains how Rory feels right now. He just wants "one more year with the ones I love." It goes on to talk about how he wants to have another spin around the sun and feels like he just started to see what it is all worth. The song is all about just wanting a little more time with your family, more days in your life and more time to enjoy life. Rory would give anything to have this with Joey, but sadly it doesn 't look like this is going to end up happening. Rory explained how he wants Joey Feek to be remembered and of course her voice to not be forgotten by anyone.

ABC shared that Joey Feek is now spending time with her daughter Indiana. At this time, she is at home with her little girl while in hospice. This way Joey can spend the time with her daughter before she leaves this world. They have a play area set up for Indiana right by Joey and she has also been recording daughters for her book so she will always hear her mom 's voice. There is no doubt that Joey Feek will be remembered forever and her sweet voice will
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