This Song Will Save Your Life Essay

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This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales is truly a book that you will fall in love with, and it will change you forever. Elise Dembowski was a quirky, outcast high school sophomore who would have given anything to be popular and have friends, to the point where she spent her summer teaching herself how to be “cool” only to see the first day of her sophomore go exactly the same way that her freshman year went: she still didn’t seem to exist. She discovered an underground club called “Start.” That was when her whole life changed: well, outside of school. By day, she was Elise Dembowski, uncool high school sophomore, but by night, she was the hottest young DJ around, thanks to a young man nicknamed Char, who taught her how to DJ. Her…show more content…
When the book ended, I, as a reader, felt very empowered. Elise’s life at the beginning of the book is not a life that anyone deserves to, or would want to live. Although she has a loving family, and that is a positive thing, the feeling of going through hating yourself and having no friends is something that many people can relate to. The reader can understand how hard that is, especially as a 15 year old, and that makes the story even more powerful. Elise is clearly a symbol of hope, because even a life that could be considered horrible, one like hers, has positive aspects. Elise shows the reader that nothing is permanent, which is one of the many themes in this book. Although this is mostly shown through Elise’s change in feelings about her life and herself, the same message is also shown in her relationship with Char, which goes from friends to friends with benefits to strangers. She was so obsessed with him until she realized she knew nothing about him, and realized that although he had done some nice things for her, her relationship with him was not healthy, and they stopped talking. Even the relationship she thought was so great was only temporary, which supports the theme even

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