This Way For The Gas Ladies And Gentlemen Summary

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Imagery is another way of a visual descriptive of the authors thoughts inside the book. As we look inside the book, This Way for the Gas Ladies and Gentlemen, had many views of prisoners held to be kept inside the gas chambers for them to die. This Way for the Gas, Ladies And Gentlemen was one of these violent, horrific, and terrifying books ever to be made. The main purpose of imagery is to visualize whatever thoughts or ideas you came up with, so you will be able to discuss these scenarios. Throughout the book, the author focuses more on prisoners and their daily lives inside the concentration camps. The overall point for the author is too see what the prisoners have to witness after being sent to the concentration camps. Naked people (either men or women), and especially Jews, had no food or water and were sent to Poland, where all…show more content…
Jews were murdered and was sent to the concentration camps and gas chambers. Most of the concentration camps are located in Poland and Germany, and one famous camp is called the Auschwitz Birkenau Camp. Many prisoners were also sent to the gas chamber due to many crimes they’ve caused. Literally naked prisoners roaming around in the gas chamber with no food or water, are stuck in there forever. The prisoners were locked up in the gas chambers for them to die and others had to get used to their new daily routines in living in these concentration camps. Huge goal for all these prisoners locked up in concentration camps was to survive. Survival is key, especially when prisoners have a chance to escape through these harsh manners. For example, one of the pages talked about this poor baby who shows to be very pretty, is dying and doesn’t have a place to hide nor food and water to keep her alive, (Borowski 59). It’s unbelievable that a baby is in one of the concentration camp with barely any help and she is dying. This would explain how dreadful and scary this particular scene is all
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