Examples Of How To Overcome Failure Essay

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5 Keys For How To Overcome Failures Based On Thomas Alva Edison Life Lesson Thomas Alva Edison, born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio, USA, is a scientist who has managed to create an incandescent bulb. But his success was through thousands of failures. So what makes Edison can persist in failing? Does he not get bored with the repeated failure he had? Well, here I will share 5 keys for how to overcome failures based on Thomas Alva Edison life lesson. Who knew we could learn from the experience of the inventor master of the incandescent lamp. Overview of Thomas Alva Edison Thomas Alva Edison, previously considered stupid by his teacher, so he was expelled from school. His mother decided to teach his own children, because there was no school…show more content…
We would be wasting the time we spend on trying once we are not focus on our goal. Only with focus on the goal, we can find many ways to achieve this and we can work to our best. 4. Find new way With the failure we can know that the way that has been taken is wrong, so try to find another way. If it is still incorrect, find other ways again, over and over until we finally found the right way. That is one of the best keys to overcome failure. 5. Work hard Failure is delayed success. Need to struggle to be successful. The greater or higher success we want to achieve, of course, the greater the challenge that we will face. It is not enough to rely only on our intelligence, but hard work is the main thing that determines our success. Well, that's 5 keys for how to overcome failures based on Thomas Alva Edison life lesson. Failure seems so familiar with human life, and learn from the other failure experience & how to overcome it is certainly very important, so that we can be better. Moreover, positive thinking also helps to build confidence and strengthen one's perspective on failure. The impact is a positive act that helps someone rise from failure and courage to face the challenges of life. Hopefully useful and good
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