Thomas Aquinas Argument From Design

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Holy person Thomas Aquinas was an Italian Dominican monk, Catholic priest, and Doctor of the Church. He was a massively persuasive philosopher, theologian, and jurist in the custom of scholasticism, within which he is called the Doctor Angelicus and the Doctor Communes. He believed in god and proved the existence of god with different argument like motion, efficient cause, design and possibility and necessity. I personally liked the design form of argument. Aquinas' Argument from Design starts with the exact observation of the design and order of the universe. This argument is also termed, "The Teleological Argument,” as it deals with the purpose, finishes and objectives. He argues that if anything is designed then it must have a designer.…show more content…
It is created by intelligent superhuman god. But we should not forget the fact about the photosynthesis. It is due to photosynthesis the plants need light to prepare its food and tends to grow in the direction of sunlight. If there had been god then the universe would be magical like normal plants used to grow in darkness human beings would not feel hungry and need not to work how perfect the universe would be. Whatever we wanted we could do but it doesn’t go that way. There are certain ways in which we should act and hence the universe runs. One day universe will be collapsed because sun will engulf earth and the process will continue. This is not explained by Aquinas but science explains this. So, I would like to say that he argued which was good and made little bit sense and in those days might be it was one of the emerging argument for the existence of god. But science made some progress in its field and found out the real fact for the existence of universe. We cannot overlook the facts and evidences for the existence of universe. It is the law of science so, we can get the treatment of diseases nowadays. If god was there people would have died due to cancer or other illness. Why would creator kill their own creation? These are some the facts that criticizes against the existence of
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