Thomas Aquinas's Design Argument

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Hume’s have stated that Aquinas’s design argument should not be based on religion and the intelligent designer lacks the intellectual capability to design a complex universe. These two objections lacks validity and is very subjective. Hume’s provides no reliable source to prove his claim. Aquinas’s presents a valid argument that the world is governed by God. First, he used philosophical reasoning suggesting that everything in the universe operate and moves for an end. As everything is operating and moves towards an end, it is directed by a source with knowledge. For example, the movement of the arrow towards a definite end shows clearly that it is directed by someone with knowledge, so the unvarying course of natural things which are without knowledge, shows clearly that the world is governed by some reason.[13]…show more content…
These things is under the perfect governance of God. Since through governance the things that are governed are led to perfection, so much the better will be the governance to the extent that greater perfection is imparted by the governor to the things governed. Aquinas insists that God “not only makes things to be, but to be causes”, and this reveals “the abundance of his goodness.”[14] Aquinas’s support his argument as he makes reference to Proverbs 16:4a, “The LORD hath made all things for himself.”[15] This verse add validity to Aquinas’s argument. It establishes God as the Creator of all things proving His existence. It establishes God as the first cause of all things and the cause of things to end. He govern all things created,

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