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8 Bullets Thomas A. Baker was born and raised in Troy, New York before joining the 105th Infantry Regiment and kicked serious ass in the Battle of Saipan against the Japanese in World War ll. Being awarded the Medal of Honor, this man 's career was like an anthology of heroic and daring stories stacked on top of each other. During the Battle of Saipan he went ahead of his company alone with a bazooka in hand and decided to take on a Japanese encampment. His friends probably thought he was a dead man but amazingly, he not only survived but also came back with a demolished enemy emplacement behind him. This allowed his company to continue the assault where he again, facing all odds charged 2 strong holds against a dozen men and eventually, killed them all as well. Eventually though he was wounded badly from a Japanese attack consisting of 3000-5000 men and had to be dragged 50 yards away. After many attempts by his fellow soldiers to assist him he denied their help and said he would rather die than risk the lives of more men. Under his orders he was placed against a small tree and given a 1911 pistol with only 8 bullets left in its magazine. Denying more offers for help, he was last seen sitting by a tree,…show more content…
As the Nazi war machine spread like a cancer across Europe the Nazi 's began a massive invasion against Russia. The Germans were ordered to seize a bombed out building near the Volga River which only held around two dozen Russian defenders. The Germans had much more people, and tanks and flamethrowers, walk in the park right? Well maybe, if said park was on fire and defended by soldiers who 's orders were strictly "not one step back". Yakov Pavlov was the commanding officer of this small group of men and not even in the least deterred by the sheer odds against them set up 4 layers of barbed wire, a mine field and machine gun placements in every window

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