Thomas Bruscino's A Nation Forged In War

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History 18 Book Review

For my book review I have read, noted important evidence and events, evaluated and looked to learn and understand the viewpoints of two books. The first book written by Thomas Bruscino entitled A Nation Forged in War, published by The University of Tennessee Press. The second book I evaluated was, Freedom Rides by Derek Charles Catsam, published by The University Press of Kentucky. Thomas Bruscino’s purpose is easy to understand as well as Derek Catsam; one being about how veterans of World War II shaped the United States ethnic and religious relations and the other, about a Civil Rights movement that became a historical event that eventually led to desegregation, the book also examines who they were up against and the
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In many chapters, I found myself not being able to retain his information just because his evidence was sometimes so overbearing and made it impossible to retain it all. It was hard for me to grasp the book, not saying that it should be dumbed down by any means but that I needed to be more educated on World War II and about life of a veteran to have common base to build on. But his paragraphs did string together the information very well in a way where it helped me guess as to what was happening even if I did not understand all the terms or style of writing. Overall, I do not believe the book got straight to the point and that it was packed with so many clips of information that it left me scattered brained as I read. But I am no expert in this section of historical events and I could be completely wrong with my interpretation. A Nation Forged in War would be beyond useful for researchers of American history, World War II, American religion, race, and possibly those who research ethnicity will find A Nation Forged in War great for its insights on how World War II and its veterans changed American ethnic and religious…show more content…
Personally, I have never read a book quite like Freedom 's Main Line or A Nation Forged in War. But, Freedom’s Main Line is outstanding in the way it reiterates documents, oral and written articles and words exchanged by President Kennedy, all of these to prove his point that the Freedom Rides acknowledged a problem and fought to make a change. Catsam helped boost my understanding of this civil rights movement by throwing in various historical events. The book also caught my attention by the time frame being so close to what I am studying in my current history class. Freedom 's Main Line will help a number of history students and would be insightful to a number of African American and American historians. Both books will make you question the things you were taught in your adolescent years by professors, it will teach you empathy but most importantly you will walk away with a new kind of knowledge. The kind that makes you angry but also happy for hardships and the good times our nation faced and how over time people with strong believes have influenced the people of our nation to change for the
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