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Thomas Cromwell has long been acknowledge as one of the most successful administrators of his time (Erler 23)! Cromwell was a man who powered himself up from the back streets of Putney and started from just about nothing, to becoming Henry VIII 's right hand man. As a servant to the King, Cromwell made strenuous decisions that molded his destiny. “He was [depicted] as an idealist who masterminded the King’s divorce from Catherine of Aragon”. Regards of being a statesmen and English lawyer who performed duties as chief minister to Henry VIII, a lot of Cromwell 's job consisted and pushing people down and arranging executions in order to stay ahead at court. Cromwell soon developed an unpopular reputation towards many Roman Catholics.…show more content…
Sometime in the year of 1485 Thomas Cromwell is born in Putney, London, where his family ran a fortunate brewery. “Thomas’s father was a [factotum], he works as a fuller, a blacksmith, a brewer and a tavern owner”. However Cromwell and his father did not have a perfect relationship. At the age of 15, Crowell sick of his dads temper runs away from home to seek his new fortune. Years later Cromwell was first spotted at the battle of Garigliano, near Naples, where the French army suffered a massive triumph at the hands of the Spanish.() Cromwell left the battlefield and continued his voyage to Italy. Having no fortune at all, Cromwell strolled the streets of Florence and soon makes friends with a member of the Frescobaldi household. Francesco Frescobaldi, “part of a distinguished banking family, takes sympathy on the young Cromwell, [coveys] him in and soon sees his potential”. Cromwell was eager to learn about the family business and proved to the family that he was a loyal servant. On one trip with his master he was vacated in Venice to provide as an agent for a local merchant. Thomas then travels to Antwerp and becomes a trader in his own right and starts to practice law. Cromwell later returns to England with an expanding reputation as a fixer and a man who is intelligent and has a way with his
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