Thomas Edison: The Man Who Changed The World

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Thomas edison was the man who made America great. It because of his was of all he inventions that he made America became the country that it is today. He was born in February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio, and died in October 12, 1931 he died from diabetes in New Jersey. He grew up in Milan, Ohio with 7 other siblings, Thomas Edison was the youngest out of all of them, he had 3 brothers, Samuel Ogden Edison, William Pitt Edison, Carlile Snow Edison and 3 sisters, Marion Wallace Edison, Eliza Smith Edison, Harriett Ann Edison. Then his parents moved to Michigan and put Thomas in school there but thomas only went to school for only 12 weeks then his mom pulled him out to home school him because he was too hyper for the teachers to handle. Thomas convinced…show more content…
The Gold and Stock Telegraph Company was impressed with his invention that paid him $40,000 for it, with that money he quit his job as a telegrapher to be a full-time inventor. Thomas’ reputation was a first-rate inventor in the 1870’s so much so also he had built a laboratory in Newark, New jersey and employed several machinists. He developed products to the highest bidder, and most of the time the highest bidder was Western Union Telegraph Company. In 1876 he moved his expanding company to Menlo Park, New Jersey, and then added a independent industrial research facility machine shops and laboratories, and that same year the Western Union Telegraph Company asked Thomas to develop a communication device to compete with Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone. Thomas never got to develop something like that, but he did develop a device for recording sounds that is the telegraph, the invention brought him world fame. During WWI the U.S. Government asked him to head the Naval Consulting Bored to develop stuff only for military use, he worked on several projects including the Submarine detectors and gun-location techniques. Due to Thomas not liking violence he said he would only work on making defensive weapons and nothing else, he was proud that he didn’t make any weapons to
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