Thomas Elbow's Analysis

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Elbow believes that students of composition should know how to structure and organize their paper so that they can grasp the readers’ attention. He relate is argument to music and art because both of them use a structure, they are organized and they are presented in a way that grasp individuals’ attention. The way his piece is written is an example of how a composition should be organized. He states that a good writer has to satisfy his or her readers by using expectations, frustration, half satisfaction and also temporary sanctions. Thus, creating a need, then creating a satisfaction to that need. He also talks about adding texture as relates to the sentences, how they are structured and space to keep the readers satisfied. Writing such as technical writing should be written in a logical way for the readers’ to understand. Elbow calls it the “sign post” for readers. When one is trying to…show more content…
What does she seek to communicate about the state of affairs for women in the contemporary workplace? Sandberg is trying to say to that what had happen in the past is still happen in the future. Women are still being oppressed and stereotyped. Genders are still not equal. “Girls are being discouraged from exhibiting” which can be one of the reason why many highly educated women are still not employed in top jobs. She states that “when jobs are described as powerful, challenging… they appeal to more men than women. This devalue of women started long before the workforce. Society’s culture had a great impact on gender rules before the workplace because if a woman is seen as aggressive or bossy she is violating the norms of conduct. She also there is a little change as it pertains to more women being in senior job, but we a still overcoming obstacles of not being equal to men. Sandberg believe we need to talk a stand as women to ambitious in making their dreams a reality and aspiring to become leaders in their
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