Thomas Foster How To Read Literature Like A Professor Analysis

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Ajay Kumar Mrs.Mary Smith AP Literature 20 September 2017 How to Read Literature Like a Professor In the book “How to Read Literature Like a Professor”, the author, Thomas Foster, presented many topics and explained them from his point of view. The author’s persistent use of symbolism helps the reader understand each and every topic he explains throughout the book. By using symbolism, the author, Thomas Foster, was able to bring many topics to life that the general public itself wouldn 't even have considered in the first place. In the chapter titled “It’s Greek to me”, the author mentions the tale of Icarus. The tale of Icarus is a great example of symbolism because, the wings that Icarus 's father made for him represented “freedom”. Although, the story didn’t end so well for Icarus. He disobeyed his father’s instructions, flew too close to the sun, then the wax on his wings melted, and he fell to his death. In the chapter titled “It’s More Than Just Rain or Snow”, the author explains that “ It’s never just rain.”. He is saying that although it may look like just rain to the average person, there is much more to rain than what meets the eye. He symbolizes things like Rainbows, Fog, and snow. The author stated that the main function of a rainbow “ is to symbolize divine promise, peace between heaven and Earth. He also states that there is much more to fog than just…fog. Fog is used to symbolize confusion. The author does a great job at taking topics,
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