Thomas Gallaudet Biography

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What makes you happy in life
Have you ever wanted to be one thing but then changed your mind to something completely different because you think that 's what you really were looking for in life ? Well that 's what Thomas Gallaudet did many times which is perfectly fine . Let 's take a journey to see what led him to becoming the Founding person to the Gallaudet University .
If your heart and mind are in it you are unstoppable this is something Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet once said . Thomas Gallaudet was born on December 10, 1787 in Hartford , connecticut . Throughout his childhood he had several breathing problems and they would carry out into his adult life .Thomas was the eldest sibling . In Thomas free time he would much rather sit
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Thomas now twenty six decided it was time for him to go back to college to get his ministers licences . Because he decided to become a minister he started to go back home on the weekends to visit with family .But on this day he had gone outside to watch his brothers play and noticed this girl standing all alone from the crowd of children , Just blankly staring at them and asked his brothers about that girl they had explained to him that she was deaf and no one really talked to her this made Thomas intrigued with the girl so he was drowned to her like she was a puzzle that he need to see or complete . The boys told Thomas that the girl 's name was Alice Cogswell , so with much determination Thomas went over to the little girl . He then removed his hat in front of the little girl , He then started to write “ hat” in the dirt . Then going back and forth from the hat in his hand to the word hat on the ground .Alice was thrilled to see the word in the dirt that someone was trying to reach out to her to talk to her . And that the word hat was a materialized symbol in his hand . Dr. Cogswell Alice father came home and saw this lesson that thomas was giving and he was amazing because everyone else has giving up one her. Him and Thomas talked for hours about her condition and Dr. Cogswell told him that in france there a type of communication where they speak with there hands and decided that he will go to france and meet with a man named Laurent Clerc who was deaf and new ASL and after only three months of Clerc teaching him he was a fluent signer . He taught Alice all the signs around her in the world and more that when Thomas knew what he was meant to do and that was to create the first school for the dead in the United states .They then got a group of merchants and educators to pay for the school and for they also payed for Thomas to go abroad and learn ASL from Clerc . They then started to campaign for money to build this school the coast for the school was

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