Green And Frank Davis Work Style Analysis

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What are the personalities and work styles of Thomas Green and Frank Davis? How do actions of Thomas different from the expectations of Frank? From the article, it can be concluded that Thomas Green is a very aggressive young man but conscientiousness and with lots of motivation. When he came to the company, he had a big vision for his career life. He saw the great opportunity for the freshman in the company and hoped to get a higher position with his effort. During his time as the account executive, he showed his talent but still lacking managerial experience. His lack of managerial experience can be seen in his interaction with Davis. At the meeting, Green openly show his concerns with Davis’s plan what made Davis mad at Green. To Davis, it was unacceptable that such a young man showing his disrespect for him. It can be seen that Green is responsible for his work. But he never thought what his leader will feel. To Green, the job is the most important issues. He overlooked the importance of office politics completely. Maybe in Green’s mind, McDonald is the one promotes him and McDonald is the one he should be responsible for. Another work style of Green is that he is good at having great ideas and selling his ideas. But his disadvantage is that he didn’t put the focus on offering…show more content…
From the article, if Thomas and Frank and have a helpful communication instead of just denied each other, the relationship issue should be solved earlier. When the employees find that the boss is unsatisfied with him, the right action is not to escape but to face it. Having an informal conversation with the boss is a great solution. When walking out of the office and having a chat in the bar in the office, it is easy for both the boss and employees to say out their true feelings. As an employee, it is not wise to assume boss had prejudice on

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