Thomas Hobbes And Ideal Government

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The State is the dominant organization in the country, which is headed by the Government and other bodies. Let’s consider word - government from two sides. We will discuss two ideologies which are belonging to Locke and Hobbes. These ideologies have similar sources, but finally have very different views of ideal government.
Thomas Hobbes, he is known for his brilliant work Leviathan, where the state, like sea monster, sucked all the rights and freedom of the people, where people have become part of the state mechanism. According to Hobbes the main part of life is in a natural state, to limit their freedom by transferring power Leviathan. For the philosophy of the state is the end of the "war of all against all." He adamantly adhered to the principle of human equality, he praised the role of the state, which was the supreme authority. In its ideal state power to control people 's views, there is a limited censorship and have religious restrictions. In other words, monarchy was the best form of government to ensure a better social life.Hobbes, he defends a philosophical absolutism. The idea that absolute power is not good, because it is supported by God, it is better because it best. Leviathan - a sea monster that is the ruler. Hobbes believes that it is important to have the line to keep us from destroying each other. The government was the state of nature, which means a war of all against all. Life before power was lonely and short. The ruler should be powerful enough to
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