Thomas Hobbes Beliefs

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Every day we have come up with new concepts and beliefs. We each have different perceptions on life, love, and how we act around eachother. Thomas Hobbes was a fascinating scholar. He had a lengthy life filled with troubles and triumphs. Thomas was a man of science, politics, journalism, and mathematics. Thomas wrote many pieces that still inspire people today Thomas Hobbes was born prematurely on April 5th of 1588 in Westport, England. He had once said, "My mother gave birth to twins: myself and fear." Thomas Hobbes Sr, Hobbes’ father, was vicar of the local parish and had abandoned his family. He left behind his three children to his brother. Thomas Hobbes Sr’s brother was a trade and alderman and provided for Thomas’s education. Thomas transcended in school. At the age of fourteen Hobbes had went to the Magdalen Hall in Oxford University to study. Hobbes studied classical Greek and Roman literature,…show more content…
Leviathan was published in the year of 1651. In his book, civil peace and social unity were discussed. Hobbes claimed they could best be achieved by the establishment of a commonwealth. In Leviathan common wealth is described as an “artificial person” or something that mimics the human body. Hobbes’ ideas alone are strong and leave an imprint on anyone who reads it, but the title he chose is just as powerful. The leviathan is a sea monster from the bible. This fashions a metaphor for Hobbes’ thoughts on government. In addition to Thomas’s Leviathan, he had also written The Elements of Law eleven years before in 1640. Hobbes talked about ideas being derived from sensation and how people see an object and it causes a pressure on the sense organ. Hobbes described this as a resistance. Hobbes also believed that colors abide in the perceives and not in the objects themselves. In other words, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Hobbes described many other concepts in The Elements of
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