Thomas Inc.: Endarterectomy Oscillator

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Paraj Mathur
BOS 341 - Marketing
Prof. C. Kasperson

Thomas Inc. Case Analysis

Bruce Cantor needs to make a big decision at Thomas Inc. He has to decide if the company will start producing and selling the endarterectomy oscillator. In addition, if he decides to go with the product, he needs to formulate a marketing strategy for the new product. This paper analyzes the company and the product to determine the optimal product and marketing strategy for Thomas Inc. We focus on the marketing mix to arrive on a strategy recommendation. First, we focus on the product and the company using Ansoff’s matrix. Then, the paper analyzes the market, its size, and its distribution channels. Then, we elaborate on product promotion by detailing a marketing strategy to reach our target customers. Finally we estimate the
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needs to develop a product development strategy in its marketing and growth initiatives. First, we need to determine our market size. We know that only 3,000 hospitals in U.S perform the type of cardiovascular surgery which could use a endarterectomy oscillator. While, we don’t have any competition right now, we can assume that 10% of this market will be the “innovators” or the earliest adopters of this technology (Appendix B). Therefore, 300 hospitals are likely to take the plunge and purchase an endarterectomy oscillator. However, I would expect these early adopters to be big established hospitals with a large staff and capacity. This would give rise to the possibility that a hospital has multiple cardiovascular surgeries scheduled at the same time. As a result, let’s assume that, on average, the early adopters purchase 2 oscillators. We have also determined that our total cost to produce is $10,200 per unit in addition to a royalty of 10% of selling price. In order to determine marketing costs to be able to determine the selling price of the product we need to determine our marketing

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